Don’t stay in on Halloween!

Have you been hearing a lot of this lately:

“OMG It’s way too cold to wear my Tinkerbell outfit when we’re going to be standing for like two hours waiting to get into …” ?

Not too many people I know are excited about the combination of low temperatures and long lines to get into Halloween celebrations. Since when do Halloween costumes all have to be a skimpy Lara Croft or “300” Spartan style? One should not have to suffer the biting cold of the outdoors scantily clad.

I came up with some last minute ideas for people who are considering staying home rather than risking the chilliness.

  • John Mills as Cpt Robert Scott of the Antarctic, a 1948 movie.

    John Mills as Cpt Robert Scott of the Antarctic, a 1948 movie.

    Antarctic Explorer – complete with full winter gear, snow goggles and the most enormous boots you’ve ever seen. If anyone asks what you are, just pretend you can’t hear them through all the layers.

  • Abdominal Snowman/ Gorilla/Wookie – these all have something in common – full body hairy coverage.
  • Little Red Riding Hood – you can still go with the short dress you’ll find online, but instead of their little cape go with a big ol’ cloak. Also, no one would blame a poor, lost girl for wearing long-johns for a walk in the lonely forest.
  • Dog Musher – all you really need  other than regular winter clothing is a flappy hat and a headlamp.
  • Astronaut – 1. if you can keep that suit oxygenated, then  you should be able to keep that thing warm. 2. If that fails, nobody can tell what you’re wearing underneath anyways.

I hope if you were scurrying for ideas for a warm costume this helps. Now head over to Value Village before all the good stuff is gone!

Fairbanks Halloween parties:

The Blue Loon always has a big celebration and it’s only $10 to get in with a costume. This line is supposed to be pretty long so dress preparedly!

The Pub also has a party starting at 8 p.m. It gets packed quickly and has a capacity around 200. Get there early and dress well because there is a prize for best costume!



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