Winter Light

Thank goodness there will start to be more light in a matter of about two weeks. I feel sleepier and lazier, and not to mention colder. My favorite season is spring because every day seems warmer and I’m eager to get outside and do all the things I love to do in the summer. Right now my favorite thing to do is sleeping.

Nome's port in the middle of the day

Sleeping all day just doesn’t work for a college student, though. We still have to get out of bed and attempt finishing homework and walking to class. During my brief outings, when there is waning daylight, I notice how pretty the limited light we have is. On a clear day everything is bathed in either orange or pink light for hours at a time. When it’s really cold, there is a frost sheen that catches the light and glows. It’s on those days that I don’t mind doing whatever I’m doing. It’s on those days that I’ll even pull a camera out of my pockets and expose my fingers to the biting cold to snap a picture of the gorgeous light.

Lately, the sun has been rising around 10:30 and setting around 2:50 p.m.


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